I will listen to you and we will explore what you have said in a way that allows you to gain both an understanding and sense of clarity on your feelings and emotions. Our sessions will give you as an individual and as a couple the chance to look at the problems you are facing in a different way with someone who will respect and encourage your opinions and decisions.

My sessions are bespoke and tailored to each individual and couple assisting to explore areas of concern; communication, intimacy issues, sexual difficulties and other relationship problems.

I am non-judgemental and do not take sides so I will be able to see and point out behaviour that you may not be aware of; behaviour that can be unhelpful or destructive. The impact of this behaviour on each other can be explored so you understand why sometimes your partner may be triggered by something you do or say.

The techniques I use are centred around giving the opportunity to review, repair or relinquish a relationship allowing for personal growth and awareness. Within Psychosexual Therapy there is the opportunity to discuss sex openly and explore your own sexuality, preferences and unique understanding of what sex means to you.
I am here to work through your goals whether that is to increase passion and pleasure in your relationship, communicate openly with ease or reconnect with yourself and partner.


I am here to help you discover why your life, at the moment may be confusing and difficult to navigate. We all have times where we are unable to separate events and situations out. We can work through your issues allowing for personal growth and self awareness building a new pathway for yourself.
Challenges are a part of life and how we deal with them enables us to understand and find a new way forward. Without conflict there is no growth, so having a clear insight into the problem can benefit you, the behaviour can be measured and emerging childhood patterns can be acknowledged.
I believe I can offer you a refreshing look at what is going on for you, allowing you to act instead of react to life’s challenges.

Of course, at its heart, therapy is about forming a relationship, working with a person you can both trust and build a rapport which is vital. I would also say it is probably the most important element of successful therapy. I have experience working across a broad variety of issues and difficulties that include: stress, anxiety, depression, intrusive thoughts, bereavement, dealing with life changes and stages, decision making, addictions, sexual abuse, self harm, trauma and low self-esteem.
I hold you in unconditional positive regard, seeing potential and value in everything you say during a session. My approach has been described as, sensitive, warm, challenging and accepting.

For many people, the solutions may be right under their nose, but it takes someone objective to see what those solutions are.  Gaining insight into who you are, why you do what you do and where it is possible to change, is part of that process.

I look forward to working with you.


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