What is Psychosexual Therapy?

Sex and Relationship:

Lottie offers relationship counselling for couples or individuals aimed at deep analysis, neuro-science and exploring the emotional and physical aspects of 

bring in relation to self and others

Psychosexual therapy is the process of addressing both sexual and relationship difficulties on either an individual or couple basis. The physical and psychological aspects of the individual or couple are explored using full clinical assessment in order to produce the best possible treatment options.
 Lottie realises through her experience that relationship and sexual difficulties need a proactive and directive interventions that at time can be challenging Some of these problems may be physical, like an inability to achieve an erection or ejaculation, orgasm problems for men or inability to become aroused, and for women, orgasm difficulties, loss of lubrication and/or painful intercourse. Or they may be psychological, like loss of interest or desire for sex, addiction or obsession with sexual stimuli, sexual violence or abuse or negative childhood messages. 

Therapy process

Lottie is a qualified Relationship Psychotherapist, through assessment and advise on a range of relationship and/or sexual problems for individuals and couples. Lottie is a graduate of the Psychosexual Therapy Centre in London. This training allows for Lottie to work with physical and psychology aspects of sexual functioning, together with the complex issues of couple relationship  Lottie is  Clinical Supervisor and has group and individual supervises working with complex relationship and sexual dysfunction. 

I am able to offer short or long term therapy to individuals or couples over 18. The first appointment is an assessment appointment so that I can find out what you are seeking from  therapy  and  for you to  take this opportunity to discuss your issues and see if the therapy I offer is for you This will be an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have about therapy and your difficulties. After the first initial appointment you can have time to decide if you would like to go ahead with therapy.

 Regular reviews throughout the sessions to reflect on the work and the process.  I  work from a systemic framework, a psychodynamic profile (past) and incorporating a CBT element to achieve effective communication skills. I am comfortable working with all aspects of sexuality and sex related issues. This work is challenging for client and I aim to help the process of finding the cause with the client so that a more satisfied sexual experience is created, whatever that might be for you.


Intensive Therapy Programme

Intensive therapy is offered to give the couple the opportunity to explore issues without limits on time. These are popular as intensive work give the couple time to work and reflect and challenge the behaviour that now unpin their communication and behaviours  It is most important that clients have no outside distractions and can concentrate fully on the therapy programme in the given time. With the best will in the world interruptions in the form of family, work, pets, etc., can interfere with engaging one’s mind on the therapy process. Depending on the time allocated to the intensive therapy which could be four hours or two days For these reasons (2 days) it is recommended that clients check in to a local hotel, impose strict limitations on contact from friends and family (emergencies excepted) and limit alcohol consumption and interaction with other guests to the minimum so that the therapy receives full attention. Lottie is a highly skilled therapist who has a very open, flexible and pragmatic approach to therapy, sometimes it is directive, which can be challenging and sometimes it is very client centred, autonomy of the client,  Lottie contains strict boundaries around client safety, confidentiality and works in a highly ethical way. She is frank and very honest and because topics may include sex, her language is explicit but always appropriate.