Supervision Practice

Counselling professionals/students in Practice or placement Qualified Counsellors may feel that they have enough experience that they do not seek Supervision, unlike the ‘green’ days (“Therapy Today”) when it was all new and the road looked pretty scary. Developing and maintaining that supervision appreciation is vitally important for the continually growth and awareness of energy levels and work load burn out. Trainees/Students Counselling supervision is especially important for trainees. Supervision has a special role in helping trainees move beyond basic forms of counselling skills and develop a more sophisticated and sensitive way of working. Developing how they want to work, this includes the automatous and personality of the therapist to shine through. Careful management of counselling placements and structured support is essential. The trainee experience within supervision needs to be encouraging and empowering, with challenges being measured by the supervisor. Supervision provides a solid base to help and support trainees to make sense of the learning experiences and to facilitate structure and professionalism.