Lottie Passell-Syms and the Team

Hello and a warm welcome from Lottie and the Team We are experienced therapists with expertise in working with many issues. We work with young people and adults. If you are thinking about therapy for yourself or a loved one please read on.... We offer long and short term therapy. We are passionate about helping people discover who they are, what is missing in their lives and how they can reach full potential. Everyone is different and we tailor the work to suit YOU

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Counselling is very useful and effective approach, which is used for many issues, I give a list of issues that I work with, I also encourage my clients to come to therapy when they are unsure why they are feeling this way, I encourage a clear communication so that within the therapy it might become clear.

Couples Counselling

More info coming shortly

Psychosexual Counselling

Please click to learn more about this form of therapy and how I work. More info and links coming soon...

Supervision & Professional Services

Counselling professionals/students in Practice or placement Qualified Counsellors may feel that they have enough experience that they do not seek Supervision, unlike the ‘green’ days (“Therapy Today”) when it was all new and the road looked pretty scary.

Latest News

In these blog posts. ill talk about events, trends in and around the mental health. This posts will be networked across social media and wont hold any personal information on any clients

I have a number of channles to get in touch and may need 24 hrs to respond to email, text or messages